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Startraveller by ChibiMomiji123 Startraveller :iconchibimomiji123:ChibiMomiji123 1 1 Ahiru by ChibiMomiji123 Ahiru :iconchibimomiji123:ChibiMomiji123 1 1 Witch by ChibiMomiji123 Witch :iconchibimomiji123:ChibiMomiji123 0 0 The Raven's Daughter by ChibiMomiji123 The Raven's Daughter :iconchibimomiji123:ChibiMomiji123 2 3
I pine for you
I ache for you
I long for you
But I don't know
Who you are
I search the heavens for your name
I wonder if you do the same
Do you think of me at night
Do I fill your thoughts until morning light
Am I the beat of your heart
Am I God's finest work of art
In your eyes
Am I in your sighs
The breath that fills you
Am I in everything you do
Though we have yet to meet
You keep me on my feet
So someday, even if I am deaf, mute, and lame,
I will eventually know your name.
:iconchibimomiji123:ChibiMomiji123 2 2
Grandma and Grandson by ChibiMomiji123 Grandma and Grandson :iconchibimomiji123:ChibiMomiji123 0 1 Oliver 2 by ChibiMomiji123 Oliver 2 :iconchibimomiji123:ChibiMomiji123 0 0 Oliver by ChibiMomiji123 Oliver :iconchibimomiji123:ChibiMomiji123 3 1
Click. Click. Click.
The sound of the lieutenant's boots hitting the steel floor echoed down the empty hallway. There was the constant hum of steam circulating throughout the ship, powering it, keeping it afloat. She had grown fond of that sound, as she assumed most who lived aboard the vessel did; it reminded them where they were, how important their jobs were. To the lieutenant, it also served the dual purpose of filling the silence. There was always noise, even if it was no louder than a whisper. It comforted her.
Her fingers lightly tapped the railing as she descended down a long flight of stairs into the bowels of the ship. The engine room was nearby, and she had to wipe a thin line of sweat that appeared on her brow. She remembered her days of working there, the almost unbearable heat and physical toil. Though she was glad to be free of such duties, she remained ever aware of the importance of those who continued to watch over the heart of the ship. Without them, her position was
:iconchibimomiji123:ChibiMomiji123 2 5
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did all that for a loaf of bread
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am one of the kindest, bravest, gentlest, and sexiest men you will ever meet.

Current Residence: USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D
Favourite cartoon character: Anime: Yuki and Mytho/Non-Anime: Batman
Personal Quote: I was hoping you would cry out in your sleep & I would bite your head off to silence you.


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I really miss you hun.  Happy Bday and I pray your life is good.
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Happy birthday
Utarinsyis Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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I see you Lilly. :) In case you see me, come here: [link]
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owo ....

AiriTankou Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
YOU! HEY YOU! :D haha I was just reading old stuff I had from through the skies...nostolgia! What have you been UP TO! WHY DID IT DIE! LOUD NOISES! STUFF!
ChibiMomiji123 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
OY!! I haven't seen you in forever!! Ah Through the Skies....where my rp life truly exploded. I have been doing school and stuff. What aBOUT YOU?!

And everything has its time I guess....though it was a great, great RP, I! I look back on it very very fondly.
Michelay Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2011  Professional Writer
thanks for watching.
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